Sunday, April 19, 2009

The studio takes shape

As artists, my mom and I have always dreamed of having our own special space in which to showcase our work. When she moved to the country last summer, we really started to think seriously about making that a reality. We eyed an old potting shed towards the back of her three + acres and thought about moving it near her gate. When we found out how much moving it would cost, a new plan was hatched and family and friends were hired to help us start from scratch.

The first day that Jordan started working on it in early March, it actually snowed. Before long, the foundation had taken shape.

studio 001

Then came the walls, the roof, tarpaper and trim…

studio 002

Mom hurried to paint the windows, salvaged from an old house, in her crowded basement.

studio 005

The weather finally got nicer…

studio 007

And in the end of March we started to put the weathered cedar shingles on. They came from an old roof that had been replaced – more recycling!

A big thank you to Dee and Chris and Wes for all their help!

studio 008

studio 010

The sun was setting but we kept at it…

studio 016

Now it’s mid-April and this is where we are at.

studio 022


The shingles are done. A large beach-weathered plank that was once the transom of a boat makes a lovely, rustic front step. A little more work and it will look like it has always been there.

Now, for the inside…

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  1. I enjoyed the way you documented the progress of the studio with both words and photographs.

    I started from the top, and read down, never guessing how rapidly the project would progress from nothing but a floor to the finished product all done in only one month! It's everything a studio/workshop should be.

    How perfect that the finale has coincided with Spring, and with it - the deep green trees, grass, and those gorgeous flowers! I can only imagine how lovely it will be in the summer months. Congratulations on turning a dream into a reality!

    Bev Wolfe