Sunday, June 14, 2009

Open for Business

The last few months have flown by and we have finished the studio and been open for business the last few weekends. The studio looks lovely with its window-boxes and I often set up a table in the garden so that I can work on jewelry and watch for customers at the same time – luckily the weather has been just sublime for that sort of thing.


Inside there is just enough room for my display case, a second-hand bargain turned shabby chic showstopper which also houses our friend Kerry’s needle-felted critters, my mom’s beautiful lamps, and a futon that creates a cozy spare bedroom in a pinch.

studio 046

Coming in from the gate, it is impossible not to stop and smell the peonies…

studio 043

or find something else of interest, like this fella.

studio 038

studio 045


  1. The inside of your studio looks huge, and I LOVE the white showcase! It looks sweet and rustic at the same time. Sigh... You are certainly going to have a fun summer :)

  2. So what about some photographs of your Jewellery Jenny, your Mom's beautiful lamps and Kerry's work too? Say Hi to your Mom. Your studio is beautiful and the ducks...well the ducks are sooo cute! Nice to meet you. Brenda